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Willow at Dreamweavings Dreadlocks Perth creates natural organic dreads on all types of hair. No waxes or glues are needed in this method, creating healthy amazing dreads. Dreadlocks are created using a crochet hook to weave and bind. Dreads can be created from a minimum of 15 cm's of hair. Installs can take anywhere from 5-14 hours depending on the length and type of hair.  Dreadlock extensions using either synthetic or human hair can be added giving instant length. Once installed dreads take a few days to settle in. Your new dreads will need to be tightened within the first month and then usually maintained every 6-8 weeks depending on how fast your hair.

The way I work is as follows:

• Come in for a consult to discuss what you would like your dreads to look like.

• WE Book a time and a deposit is paid.

• I send you home with a pre-dread pack with a recommended treatment before installation takes place.

• Installation! Bring some snacks, a book, laptop or a friend. We will take a few short breaks throughout the day to stretch and eat.

• Within 4 weeks, you come back for a dread tighten up visit.

• From then on regular MAINTENANCE to weave in new growth and tidy lengths!

Dreadlocks are a journey,
they take time to mature and grow!

I am a experienced dreadlock lokktician and have been making & maintaining dreadlocks for nearly 10 years. Using the hand & hook weird Sistas method , i create & maintain natural locks. I love making new amazing dreads for people :) !

I am neat, fast, professional & friendly. In my studio I sell headscarves, felted extensions, crochet headgear, crystal jewellery, incense, dreadbeads and other treasures as well as lokk stok and apparel dreadcare products. I offer dreadwraps & other adornments for your hair. Prices depend on hairtype, length and thickness.

My Prices are capped when doing full installs, quote on appraisal I do my best to make it the best price!
My prices are reflective of my experience & skill & speed

Bookings by appointment only
Please call or message for bookings

After hours available by arrangement

:) I look forward to meeting you!

Located in the beautiful Perth hills in Darlington, relocating to Fremantle area next year...mobile service available.

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