About Me

Hi! My name is Willow & this site is a place for me to share & offer everything I am passionate about. I am a dreadlock technician & artist with over 10 years experience in dreadlocking & I have been weaving art for most of my life.
I learned the art of organic dreadlocks through the Weird Sistas dreadlock parlour in Fremantle, WA, Australia - and I still use the "Sista System" way of dreadlocking. No glues, no waxes or chemicals are used in this method of dreadlocking. I specialise in creating new dreads, maintenance, dreadlock repair and entensions. I create adornments for you & your dreads.
Some of the things I like to create are wool felt dreads, dread beads, clip in dread extensions, macramé crystal necklaces, mala meditation beads & lots of other creations. I sell a range of dreadlock products designed specially for dreads, Lokk Stokk and Apparel. These products are amazing and the best I've come across in my years of dreading. You can purchase them here at my studio.

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